Wellness and spa professional equipment

13 April 2016

Satisform®, devices issued from medical research and serving Wellness .


You are a SPA , High Standards Hotel or Wellness Center Director. You are willing to aquire devices guaranteeing deep and fast relaxation for your demanding customers. Satisform®‘s concepts are made for you !


ZENDOS SPA - Wellness


ZENDOS® : It is a sensory journey, an inducted relaxation throught a slow rocking, leading to a total relaxation of the back. it has an analgesic effect, soothing and relaxing. This device can be used without any contra-indication, and at all age.


Satisform®‘s advantages :

– Hand-free deviceAppareils main-libre,

– Design et cosy,

– Sensory journey guaranteed,


– Deep relaxation,

– Fast recovery,

– A true added value for your establishment.


With Satisform®, customers become regular because they stay in shape.

For yourself and your customers, join the numerous prestigious establishments already equiped.



You are personal trainer, physical and mental coach. You want to benefit from the latest medical technics and functional rehabilitation expertize for your trainings. Satisform’s concepts are made for you !


Coach - Strengthen


Satisform’s personal trainer : 3 active devices allowing you to mobilize, strengthen and soften your customer’s back, to develop their coordination and proprioception : MOBIDOS®, DOABDO® and QUADRISCHIO®.


With Satisform®, your customers will develop their health capital and shape. 


Satisform®‘s advantages :

– Valued technical expertize

– Personalised training programs

– Sport-Health concept



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