Rehabilitation and medical devices against back pain

12 April 2016

Rehabilitation and medical devices

« Rehabilitation and medical devices designed by health professionals for health professionals  »


You are physiotherapist or doctor, expert in rehabilitation. You wish for pleasant care for your patients, fast and efficient, and which reinforce their autonomy and valorize your expertize. Satisform®‘s concepts are made for you !
Satisform’s concepts enable relaxation, stretching, proprioception and strengthening, optimizing rehabilitation. They are based on passive devices, entirely automatized : SATISFORM® and ZENDOS®, and on active devices : MOBIDOS®, DOABDO® and QUADRISCHIO®.
You are willing to integrate a technical set for functional spine rehabilitation, choose the Satisform®‘s Center !


« With Satisform®, the therapist is also the guide »


The whole set complies with Health Authority’s directive for back pain treatment and prevention.Equip yourself and join over 1,000 therapists in Satisform®‘s community : provide therapeutical and preventive care with long lasting effects.


Satisform®‘s advantages

– Fast and spectacular results
– Compact devices
– Validated care protocols


– Instant use of the programs
– Quick installation of the patient
– Reliable, efficient and extremly appreciated by patients



Video “back’s journey”

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