Physical training for High Performance Sport

12 April 2016

Satisform® devices issued from medical research and serving High Performance Sport.


High Performance Sport is more and more demanding with the athletes : physical training, mental training, fast recovery. All of these aspects are putting them under a huge pressure. Playing in a team or running on your own, the problem is the same : you have to perform and stay at the top.


High performance



Optimizing performances and limiting injury’s risk.

The goal is to go always further by proposing to the athlete the possibility to increase his performances. In order to do so, few aspects have to be worked on :

– flexibility and amplitude

– balance and proprioception

– neuro-muscular coordination

– neuro-muscular relaxation


Trainind and recovery’s “MUST”

Nowadays, you can increase your game, stamina and performance on your own. Satisform®‘s research center designed devices and protocols to helps High Performance athletes in their physical training and recovery.

Discover our Satisform®‘s center.


Satisform®‘s advantages :

– Efficient devices, results oriented

– Performance increasing

– Physical training and recovery


– Optimised re-athletisation

– Boosted recovery


With Satisform®, increase your performances and decrease your injury’s risk.


Optimize your mental and physical training and your recovery in order to increase your performances. Join Satisform®‘s athletes community !


Retrouvez les témoignages de sportif de haut niveau


Videos :

Physical and mental training and recovery – Rugby

Proprioceptive physical training – Football


Physical and mental training and recovery– Football


Physical and mental training and recovery – Athlétisme

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