Performance and quality of life at work

12 April 2016

A company’s performance depends on its employees’ efficiency, which depends on their abilities and motivation. You can select your collaborators on their abilities, but how to ensure their level of motivation, other than with salary ? Quality of life at work is the answer and your company’s performance will feel it !

Satisform®, prevention solutions designed by health professionals for companies to increase their performance and quality of life at work

You are CEO, HR Director, Health and Safety director. You are willing to preserve your collaborators’ health, Satisform’s concepts are made for you !


Active Recovery : 5 to 10 minutes relaxation on dedicated devices, designed to increase physical and mental recovery : ZENDOS®, MOBIDOS® and QUADRISCHIO®. Developped to fight against sedentary workstyle, tension caused by hard work, stress, our devices help your team members to retrieve mobility, confort and tonus, in a friendly atmosphere and ideal for success.


OSTEOSEAT® : it is an ergo-dynamic seat which improves the posture by bringing mobility at the work place and decreases back pain. It ensures the relaxation and stimulates the thinking and the focus.

c’est un siège ergo-dynamique qui améliore la posture par la mobilité sur le poste de travail, réduit les maux de dos en facilitant la détente et stimule la pensée et l’attention.


With Satisform®, your collaborators preserve their health and stay in shape.


Do as the numerous companies already convinced by Satisform and protect your employees’ health.

Performance and quality of life at work

Satisform®‘s advantages

– Immediate and long-lasting action

– Easy set up

– Custom-made and flexible

– Scientifically proven efficiency

– Friendly and playful devices

– Very appreciated by the collaborators






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