The automated PDA is essential in the therapeutic, preventive, and the improvement of the physical performance fields. It removes the effects of neuromuscular reflex contractions, allowing a real articular decompression of the rachis, pelvis, hips and knees.


The SATISFORM®, first patented device equipped with PDA automated in the world, offers a complete care. With its 15 programs, it adapts to each body type.This equipment is an ideal ally in the management of numerous pathologies. It accompanies the seniors as well as the  high-level sportsperson in their quest of performance.


It works on all channels muscle and connective tissue. The SATISFORM® is a comprehensive solution of integration and relaxation both neuromuscular and visceral.


Therapeutic actions:

– Care and functional rehabilitation of chronic low back pain

– Treatment of inoperable herniated discs and lumbago in post inflammatory phase

– Treatment of loss of mobility and stiffness related to degenerative and rheumatic processes (rachidian osteoarthritis, coxo-femoral, fémoro-tibiale, rheumatoid arthritis and ankylosing spondylarthritis in constant evolution and outside of inflammatory phases, etc.)

– Treatment of orthopedic deformations, stiffness, loss of joint and muscle mobility (scoliosis, Scheuermann, etc.)

– Treatment of musculotendinous retractions, consequences of neurological pathology (stroke, Parkinson, Little syndrome …)


Preventive actions:

– Neuromuscular relaxation, elimination of tensions due to fatigue and stress

– Reduction of the risk of low back pain and reduction of articular pains such as osteoarthritis

– Maintenance and trophic improvement of the musculotendinous structures (anti-aging action)

– Gain of mobility (flexion, extension, inclination)


Actions d’aide à la performance physique :

– Improvement of muscular efficiency

– Optimisation of the recovery process

– Significant reduction in the risk of injury

– Improvement of mobility and flexibility


The scientifically proven benefits of the SATISFORM®

Beneficial effects from the first use:

– Appeasement of rachidian tensions with antalgic effect and neuromuscular relaxation

– Improvement of the posture, gain of mobility and flexibility with an immediate trophic effect

– Lightweight legs thanks to a facilitated venous return


Effects in the medium and long terms, made durable by regular practice:

Reduction of muscle-tendon disorders and their chronicity

– Reductions in articular pains (arthritis) and low back pain

– Improvement of physiological abilities  (gain of mobility of average 3 cm on all the bending plans, extension and inclination)

– Anti-aging effect of the musculoskeletal system

– Generating pumping with vascularisation and hydratation effect of the intervetrabral discs and articular capsules


How to use the SATISFORM®

– Dressed, with shoes on, lying on the back

– Supervised by a professional trained in its use, for a good positioning


Where to find a SATISFORM®

– At an osteopath, a physiotherapist, a doctor

– In a hospital, a clinic, a rehabilitation center

– In a training center for high-level sportsperson


width: 70 cm – length: 52/260 cm – height: 160 cm – weight: 120/160 kg – max load: 150 kg
15 programs –  210/230 V – 50 Hz – Power: 500 W

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