Satisform® Centre


The Satisform® Centre consists of the SATISFORM®, the ZENDOS®, the MOBIDOS®, the DOABDO®, the QUADRISCHIO®, and the OSTEOSEAT®. Designed by healthcare professionals, it provides concrete solutions to the neuromuscular problem of functional rehabilitation and physical preparation of the rachis and lower limbs.


Beyond the simple consideration of muscle efficiency, flexibility and mobility, it offers a precise and efficient control of the slow rachidian proprioception beyond the open chain. The Satisform® Centre facilitates training coordination and posturo-dynamic spinal adaptability. It allows the realization of sub-pelvic relaxing in the lumbar prophylaxis, as well as trophic improvements of rachidian articulations, of the pelvis, hips and knees respecting the principles of neuromuscular relaxation.


The Satisform® Centre is thought for a therapeutic action, for prevention and support for physical performance, in two stages:

.   The passive time, of care, with the flattening of the painful and disruptives tensions.

.   The active time, of rehabilitation and physical preparation with the rational reprogramming of defective function.



« Passive » devices:

The SATISFORM® and ZENDOS® are passive devices which assist the therapist for the analgesics and comfort care and the trophic improvements. The agonist-antagonist muscle stimulation is managed by these automated devices, programmed to respond to the extreme vigilence of the human neuromuscular system. Their principle of action is based on deep neuromuscular relaxation. This relaxation is induced by the neutralization of reflexes of defense, of tensing and of painful contractures. It is associated with the mobilization and the articular decompression.


« Active » devices:

The MOBIDOS®, the DOABDO® and the QUADRISCHIO® are devices that make up an autonomous technical platform. The devices facilitates the muscular coordination, the work of balance, raisoned rachidian proprioception beyond the open chain. They also promote posturo-dynamic adaptability and flexibility of the lower limbs in the sub-pelvic lumbar prophylaxis.


The OSTEOSEAT® is recommended for users in order to extend back care at home or in the office.



–  Ensemble of additional equipment, effective and hands-free

–  Consists of compact and robust devices

–  Adjustable from 20m2


–  Fast return on investment

–  Compatible with École et Parcours du dos

–  Suitable for seniors such as high level sportsperson


Synthetic image : Video of the action of the Satisform® Path, on the body :


Devices and  Satisform®  Centres in France and worldwide



Centre satisform  Satisform® Centre  


Capture d’écran 2015-07-21 à 12.00.26 “Espace” Satisform® composed, at least of the SATISFORM


Capture d’écran 2015-07-21 à 12.01.09 “Espace” Satisform® composed, at least, of an active device (MOBIDOS® – QUADRISCHIO® – DOABDO®)

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