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Reciprocal Stretching Psoas Quadriceps Hamstrings


The QUADRISCHIO® offers a reciprocal stretching of the quadriceps, psoas and hamstrings, and a recovery and maintenance of the articulars and muscles amplitudes of the hips and knees.


It is used in prevention of back injury problems and avoids the deficit or asymmetry in pelvic flexibility, essential for a good mobility of the pelvis and spine.


The QUADRISCHIO® harmoniously softens the three muscle groups, simultaneously stretched  to save a valuable time and a constant research of symmetry.


Therapeutic actions:

–  Lumbar prophylaxis with improvement and maintenance of flexibility in pelvic, with a constant search for homolateral anterior-posterior balance and symmetry with the contralateral side
– Muscular hypoextensibility: post traumatic, surgical or rheumatic articular limitations, undergoing functional rehabilitation
–  Performance optimization of joint mobility and muscular extensibility in the follow up and maintenance of high-level athletes


Preventive action:

–  Prevention of MusculoSkeletal Disorders (MSDs) with analytical recovery and maintenance of articular and muscular amplitudes of the lower limbs (hips and knees)


The unique sub-pelvic reciprocal stretching device


The advantages of the QUADRISCHIO®

–  Controlled and reciprocal softening, respect of the lumbar lordosis
–  Recovery and maintenance of the articular and muscular amplitudes

–  Prevention of back injury problems and symmetrical sub-pelvic flexibility
–  Time saving by simultaneous stretching of the quadriceps, hamstrings and psoas


How to use the QUADRISCHIO®

–  Dressed, with shoes on, in a sitting position
–  Front leg, flexed or tense


Where to use a QUADRISCHIO®

–  At an osteopath, a physiotherapist
–  In a rehabilitation center, a hospital, a clinic
–  With a physical trainer, in a reathletasation center
–  In a training center for high-level sportsperson



reeducation etirement quadrischio





width:  60 cm   –   length: 75 cm   –   height: 100 cm   –   weight: 31 kg   –   max load: 150 kg

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