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Proprioception  Mobility  Balance  Flexibility


The MOBIDOS® is an ergo-dynamic sitting which requires an active participation of the user. The block seat-knees is articulated closest to the spinal axis, in order to provide a total pelvic mobility.

It develops the body scheme and the pelvic mobility as well as the balance and alertness. The MOBIDOS® favors coordination and muscle relaxation. The device offers a work of progressive spinal proprioception. It improves the control of postural tonus by strengthening abdominals and paravertebrals.

The MOBIDOS® is ideal for the recovery and preservation of the joints and muscles amplitudes of the spine and pelvis. This is an essential device in the treatment and prevention of low back pain.


Therapeutic actions:

– Post traumatic or surgical rachidian functional impotence (herniated discs, spinal surgery undergoing rehabilitation…): Active and progressive recovery of the joints amplitudes, postural neuromuscular reprogrammation and rachidian proprioception prior to the work force and re-training to prolonged effort.

– Loss of mobility and rachidian stiffness related to degenerative and rheumatic process (osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis…): Progressive recovery and active maintenance of the rachidian and pelvis joints amplitudes.

– Orthopedic deformation, loss of joint and muscular mobility of the scoliosis: Prevention, recovery and active maintenance of joints amplitudes and of spinal neuromuscular coordination.

– Neurological disorders that can lead to neuromuscular dysfunction (hypertonia, paresis, dyskinesia…): Maintenance and active rehabilitation of existing neuromuscular functions.


Preventive actions:

– Prevention of low back pain: follow-up and maintenance of the physical, sporting, and professional aptitudes.

– Prevention to fight against falls from one level: improvement and maintenance of  proprioception, balance, coordination and posture.


 The indispensable device for rachidian proprioception

The advantages of the MOBIDOS®

– Rachidian proprioception at speed and controlled resistance
– Joint and muscle relaxation of the trunk
– Freedom and independence of movements on all levels of the spine and pelvis

– Gentle and progressive postural neuromuscular reprogrammation
– Awareness of respiratory and digestive facilitators postures
– Reduction in falls from one level


How to use the MOBIDOS®

– In a sitting position, with the legs hanging
– Hands resting on the handlebar for a work of stretching and relaxation
– Hands free, rest on the thighs to work proprioception and balance


Where to use a MOBIDOS®

– At an osteopath, a physiotherapist
– In a rehabilitation center, a hospital, a clinic
– In a training center for high-level sportsperson
– In a Récupération Active® space.


Proprioception du dos MOBIDOS
proprio Mobidos





width: 60 cm – length: 54 cm – height: 91 cm – weight: 12 kg – max load: 150 kg

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