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Mobility  Canning process  Strengthening  Stretching

The DOABDO® is a complete device offering a multi-axis active mobilization. It facilitates dynamic and static strengthening of the trunk muscles. The device exercises to neuromuscular coordination and sequencing of postural stability to mobility.


It helps stretching the dorsal and lumbar muscles (spinal, lats, lower back square).


The DOABDO® is a compact device favoring a guided work, controlled, secured and calibrated of the trunk muscles, keeping a single position.


Therapeutic actions:

–  Orthopedic deformations, loss of articular and muscular mobility of scoliosis
– Post-traumatic or surgical rachidian functional impotence (inoperable herniated discs, lumbago in post inflammatory phase, spinal surgery undergoing functional reeducation)
–  Active recovery of articular amplitudes / range of motion
–  Reprogramming neuromuscular posture and strength work
–  Re-training to prolonged effort


Preventive actions:

–  Optimization and maintenance of muscle abilities to the effort of the prolonged posture
–  Active maintenance of articular amplitude
–  Training to spinal neuromuscular coordination


The multiaxis rehabilitation device the most compact


The advantages of the DOABDO®

–  Accompanies the mobility by respecting the curves of the spine
–  Reinforces postural stability
–  Strengthens the trunk muscles on both modes  (static and dynamic) and incidentally, those of the scapular belt and arms

–  Allows a comparative assessment of the flexibility of the back and lumbar muscles (right-left)
–  Facilitates symmetrical softening of the back and lumbar muscles, in the comfort


How to use the DOABDO®

–  In sitting position, feet on the base, the pelvis stabilized by tightening the adductors, the chest, mobile, supported on the handlebar, or static upright, with hands on the handles


Where to use a DOABDO®

–  At an osteopath, a physiotherapist,
–  In a rehabilitation center, a hospital, a clinic
–  With a physical trainer, in a reathletisation center


DOABDO reeducation dos abdos Kine
Doabdo kiné renfort dos abdos


width:  60 cm   –   length: 75 cm   –   height: 130 cm   –   weight: 39 kg   –   max load: 150 kg


Watch the video of the use of the DOABDO®


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